Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Philadelphia, PA 

It goes without saying that the major joints in our body are pretty important in our everyday lives. Our knees, hips, elbows and shoulders are in near constant motion and are necessary for all major movement. No matter what you do for a living, you use your arms continuously throughout the day.

If you’re experiencing limited mobility and pain in your shoulder, Dr. Stuart Himmelstein and the Highly-Skilled Physicians in the Philadelphia, PA facility know that chiropractic can help.

Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Frozen shoulder syndrome is a particular form of shoulder pain is caused by the buildup of scar tissue around the stiffened joint.  Scar tissue builds up around the joint usually due to overuse, after an injury, or due to disease.  Symptoms of frozen shoulder are characterized by stiffness, pain and limited range of motion in the affected shoulder.  

Stages of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Frozen shoulder syndrome can last for up to three years. That’s an incredibly long time to be uncomfortable and restricted. There are three stages: freezing stage, frozen stage, thawing stage.

The first stage is the freezing stage –

This starts slowly and gradually gets worse over time limiting the shoulder’s range of motion. If you find yourself in this stage you could be experiencing some aching and sharp pains n your shoulder.

The second stage is the frozen stage –

This is reached when your shoulder is at its stiffest point. This typically happens several months after the onset of stage one. Luckily, the constant pain is left behind in the first stage, making way for immobility. This second stage can last up to nine months.

The final stage is the thawing stage –

Frozen shoulder syndrome will begin to slowly loosen up. This stage takes time but recovery may be faster if combined with physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. If left untreated, this stage takes longer to pass.

Chiropractic Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Treatment for frozen shoulder can vary. If you feel that you may have a frozen shoulder, chiropractic treatment should be at the top of your list of therapies to consider for shoulder pain. While we may think that chiropractors are predominantly for neck and back pain, chiropractic shoulder adjustments are just as common.

By manipulating the joints and loosening up the muscles and tissue surrounding the shoulder joint, Dr. Stuart Himmelstein will be able to help you regain movement in your shoulder and surrounding areas. Dr. Himmelstein believes that by working on the surrounding areas, pain in the nerves that run through the shoulder and into the arms will lessen as well.

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